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Here’s What You’ll Receive

1. A Detailed Report of This Week’s Best Stocks To Buy.
This report includes an ordered list of the best companies at bargain prices. You’ll find company name, ticker, and price to buy, in a quick snapshot. (Click the image for an enlarged view.)

Weeks Best Stocks To Buy 01

2. An Easily-Comparable Company Rating for Every Stock
This Company Rating is out of 100 points and it immediately tells you which companies are the fittest of the fit. This score is calculated according to Warren Buffett’s Value Investing criteria for determining good companies to invest in.

Weeks Best Stocks To Buy 02-company rating

3. The Most Important Criteria for up to 10 Years broken down into Simple Scores.
We’ve taken the guesswork out of proper analysis so you can clearly see each company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Seasoned investors know that not all criteria is equal. We’ve gathered the most important criteria and analyzed each with sophisticated algorithms to determine simple scores for measurements of 10-Year Upward Price, 10-Year Upward Earnings, Ability to Recover from an Economic Crisis or Downturn, and Long-Term Scores for all of the following: Return on Equity, Return on Invested Capital, Gross Profit Margin, Price Earnings Growth.

Weeks Best Stocks To Buy 03-scores

4. Low and High Prices for the Past 52 Weeks.
Standard indicators are included to help you quickly see how the current price compares to this year’s low/high range.

Weeks Best Stocks To Buy 04- 52 week high low

5. Get Hard to Find Historical Data at Your Fingertips.
Typically, you’d have to buy an expensive membership to receive 10 years worth of stock data from investor sites. This weekly report clearly shows you all 10 years of historical Earnings Per Share so that you can see if a specific company is consistently increasing its profits each year. A consistent and upward movement of EPS signifies a predictable and stable investment with growth potential.

Weeks Best Stocks To Buy 05- 10 yrs of EPS

6. “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”
Warren Buffett and his mentor, Benjamin Graham (aka The Father of Value Investing), reminded us that price and value can be quite different. Instead of using projected or speculative numbers to estimate value, this report uses only long-term factual data to determine value.

If the value is significantly higher than the current price, then you can feel safer that you are buying a good valued stock at a bargain price.

Weeks Best Stocks To Buy 05-intrinsic value and estimated value

7. Conservative Measures to Protect You from Risk.
This report even incorporates a Margin of Safety to help further assure that you will avoid paying too much for a stock. It is crucial to buy at the lowest price as possible to produce optimal returns. The Margin of Safety automatically protects you and increases your chances of greater returns.

Weeks Best Stocks To Buy 06-Margin of Safety Price

Proof That This System Works

This analysis is directly from the BTMA Stock Spreadsheet, which has beaten the S&P 500 over 85% of the time for over 10 years.

These are the time-weighted return results of two real accounts that have used the BTMA stock-picking method over the course of multiple years:


“In the past, I had experience as a real estate investor and stock investor, but I had never achieved the tremendous return on investments that I’m now receiving with the BTMA products.

From January 1st to October 6th (or less than 10 months), my return was an astounding 50.6% compared to just 6.3% return with the S&P.

There are not many investments vehicles, if any, where you can achieve these kinds of results consistently. The BTMA is an amazing product and it is hard to find better customer service than what Grant offers!”
– Dimo Demirev (Ft. Myers, FL)

“The BTMA way of investing in a company based on the fundamentals, management, ratings, etc. rather than common trading is more compelling to me than ever before. BTMA does a great job of reducing the amount of time on screening and picking the best companies to invest in.”
– Francisco H., Brazil

“I have used the BTMA investing products for a few months now, and my entire life has changed dramatically.”
–(Featured on

“Grant offers the best customer support!
– Ariane Benning

“The BTMA investment products provide a system that empowers me to invest in stocks based on rigorous proven benchmarks with safety margins built in.On top of this, Grant delivers regular feedback on the performance of his own portfolio and useful pricing information on the stocks he buys and sells. The Wealth Builders Club and the Stock Spreadsheet have taken so much of the hard work out of the investment learning process.I fully recommend the BTMA investment products if you are looking to work with a leader in investment education, become more savvy in the markets, and enjoy a smoother ride on your money train.”
– H.W. Glascock III (retired Wall Street Banker, Riggs National Bank, The Irving Trust Company, The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation)


  • Instantly view and download This Week’s Best Stocks to Buy. (The analysis is 100% based on fact and stocks have been compared equally against each other and sorted with the best companies at the top.)
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